Akteant GmbH und Co. KG is trading with German and worldwide industrial equipment, automation and measuring technology, spare parts and accessoires as well as other products you might need with export focus on Russia, China and other countries.

From the identification, finding and correct configuration of your products, to price negotiations, timely delivery and follow-up  – we support you with your purchasing needs!


  • We find and source the products and brands you need in the requested quantity and quality.
  • We consolidate the delivery of products from different sources and brands as agreed with you.
  • We deliver anywhere and up to your point of destination.
  • We offer reliable, friendly, multilingual service and are here and at your disposal if guarantee issues or problems arise.

Our Service

  • Processing of purchasing inquiries of all kinds: small and large, any product and brand you might require.
  • Continuous extension of our produc range in line with customer needs.
  • Support with the identification and configuration of your products and spare parts in close cooperation with the technical department of the supplier.
  • Acting as bridge between customer and supplier during product specification, price negotiation, problem clarification during and after the sourcing process and in the best interest of the customer.
  • Handing on our more significant discounts, granted due to higher purchasing volume.
  • Consolidation of several purchasing orders, save interim storage and efficient economic transportation and delivery.
  • Professional transport solutions for pick up and delivery of goods from and to anywhere, based on a network of professional dedicated transport companies.
  • Competency in import/export, customs clearance, regional legal regulations and support with or full take-over of paper processing.
  • Friendly efficient communication in Russian, German, English, Chinese.
  • Correct, flexible financial proccesing.